is through the looking glass.things are getting curiouser and curiouser. how did i get stuck at your tea party mad hatter? the catepillar is asking "who r u?" and i'm screaming i dont know. and the queen of hearts wants to cut off my head when i have no idea where its at. i just want to sing w/ the flowers except all they want to do is rip me to shreds.a face laughs madly in the darkness and i close my eyes and drink the bottle, because it told me to. so i'll chase that white hare till i fall down every rabbit hole. and before i drown in the sea of my own tears i'll regret wishing for a world of nonsense. because i just want things to make sense again and maybe for once to follow my own good advice. maybe i'll just stay lost waiting for someone to look for me nowhere. dear bird i am not a serpent i am just a little girl. i know not of the crocodiles and the lessons they teach. i just want to find Dinah and get out of this mushroom forest. oh yes i would say things are curiouser and curioser. this is all the music i've ever taken lyrics from and posted on tumblr.

26th September 2011

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When I’m about to sew something and I think i’m gonna be so creative

then I spend 20 minutes trying to get the thread in the needle

And by the time I start i’m already frustrated so I rush it and my stitches end up horrible

and in the end i’m just like fml. 

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